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Are you a software developer and interested in guest posting? We are looking for software development experts to write blog posts on our website. As a guest writer, you can choose the topics that interest you and we will provide guidance.

The content should be well-researched and informative with at least 1500 words per post. You will receive full credit as the author of each article, along with links back to your professional LinkedIn profile or portfolio site.

Write for Us Software Development is a website that facilitates contributors with blog posts on any subject pertaining to software development. The site was founded by developers looking to create an easy way for anyone with an interest in software development to share their thoughts and opinions, so they built the site as a means of connecting writers with publishers.

We accept guest posts on any topic related to the field of computer science, which includes but is not limited to management, Java programming language, or Windows operating systems. We require all submissions to be written in English and that they contain 1500 words or more. All authors retain full ownership of their work but authorize WPFD as publisher to own the non-exclusive rights to the content submitted for publication.

Article submission FAQs

What is write for us?

Answer: There are many benefits of writing for us.

Reasons Why People Want You to Write for Them:

They need more content on their website and would like your help;

Their company needs better SEO, and sponsored articles will improve their ranking;

They run ads on social media or Google, so more targeted traffic equates to more leads or sales.

Where can I write and get paid?

Answer: There are a lot of platforms where you can write and get paid. Some people like to blog, others prefer the structure of writing sponsored posts or freelance articles for larger sites. The best option depends on your interests and needs.

Why We Pay Writers for Guest Posts?

Answer: It helps to build the audience of your site and we promote our posts along with your post (website) for free.

Guest posts help you, the host website, gain prestige and exposure simply by discussing topics that are of interest to our readership. Writing a sponsored article helps the company with exposure in an industry where people believe they already know everything there is about a topic.

Press releases perform a function that is very similar to public relations but focuses on delivering information via press release channels – radio stations, newspapers, etc., rather than through social media or more popular press mechanisms online.

Where should you send your pitch?

Answer: You should do different things depending on the type of pitch.

If you’re looking for sponsored posts, you would send your pitch to our “sponsored post channel.” If it’s an original article, we welcome pitches for both sponsored posts and guest posts to our “original articles channel.”

Whom do we allow to publish?

Answer: If you are a software developer, then we prefer submissions from you, submit your post to us here. Guest bloggers will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Please have experience with the discussion of new technologies in software development so that articles are substantive. Articles will go through an approval process before publication, although this may take up to one week or more depending on volume loads at the moment for evaluation purposes.

We will not publish articles that simply press releases with no original content offered, but we’re happy to have guest posts if they’re submitted by qualified developers and professionals who already write about technical subjects.

Why is guest posting important for your business?

Answer: A guest post is a great place to promote your site and your services. It’s important to write top-notch content for this kind of opportunity, as you’re representing your brand, but it can also be very beneficial for building traffic.

If the website has high domain authority, then there are other benefits that come with that as well including increased link juice which means higher rankings in Google search results pages.

One thing marketers need to know about guest posting is that not all sites will accept it. We recommend first checking if the submitting guidelines say anything about sponsored posts or if they have any transparency over what will happen with articles after review or acceptance.

Who Can Submit An Article?

Answer: We are looking for guest posts from software development professional writers with at least 5 years of experience. Freelance writing is also allowed.

We are not able to post your article on our platform without being given exclusive publishing rights – this is to protect all of our writers who work hard to create quality content for free. Guest posting means that you can upload it onto your own website, social media channels, etc.

What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

Answer: Our articles cover any topic in the world of programming, including software development, business tips for programmers, recruitment advice, and anything you can think of. We also publish guest posts by both professionals and students alike.

We publish articles written by computer scientists, hackers, and technology geeks who are passionate about filling the gap among online content dedicated to today’s emerging technologies. The goal is to constantly provide our audience with practical advice and relevant information that reflects trends in academics or industry practices related to IT security, Computer Science concepts, Develops principles, or advanced programming languages like PHP programming.

Articles cover not only topics on how to write code but also modules needed when developing an app or a website bootstrapped framework guides for popular programming languages.

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Who Are We Publishing For?

Answer: We’re publishing for software developers who are looking for practical advice from experts on how to get the most from their tradecraft, and make a living doing it.

We published a new article this week with our top tips about how to launch a successful blog in 2019. These will be followed by others detailing everything from generating leads while at conferences, to designing business cards while keeping standards of accessibility in mind and including “neuromarketing” techniques that underpin all good data-driven strategies.

What you should follow while ”write for us”?


Complete an article and follow all the guidelines in the format we provide.

Draft a sponsored post or guest post and contact us to go over any edits you might need in writing content for clarity and length.

Write a complete article analysis in order to write for us.